Meet your Blaze Coach

I believe everyone deserves to love what they do.  

I’ve served in leadership roles for over 20 years in a few different industries. It took most of those years to understand the difference between liking your job and being fulfilled in your career. Getting there was not a solo journey, and the truth is: 


Leaders need resources.


I started my career in commercial interior design. Working with teams and clients, I learned how to ask meaningful questions, become an excellent listener, and translate intentions into outcomes.

Later, as a marketing professional, I discovered my fascination with human behavior, which launched my ongoing journey of learning what makes people tick.


The biggest challenge of my career led me to coaching: Real Estate.

My experience as a Sales Director in New Home Sales truly stretched me the most! It was fast paced, demanding, unpredictable and hard. Navigating the personalities of sales agents, developers, construction teams and customers was a constant juggling act. Sometimes, I questioned my abilities, lost touch with my true self and felt overwhelmed!

Eventually, my role started to feel rewarding


Because the harder the challenge, the bigger the reward. Collectively, our team rose to success!  And three things became clear to me: coaching others is incredibly rewarding, you never stop learning, and, leaders need more support than ever!


I was lucky to have mentors during my journey.....most people don't.
I want to solve that!

Leaders should raise their hand for help. I sure did! And just like you, I want to be the best servant leader I can be. That’s why my journey will always continue. I’m a student of Tony Robbins Mastery University and seek ongoing coaching and leadership training. 

"I was the community manager for a production builder in the Pacific Northwest. I can describe my position as fast-paced, challenging and sometimes chaotic, as new home construction can be. 

The first thing that comes to mind is Sandy's calm. She listens, helps solve and maintains her calm no matter. She is a gifted problem solver. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sandy and grateful for the knowledge I gained during this time."